Tyler Hudson, Big-Time Success from a Small-Town Community

Oct 28, 2014 | Alumni-Stories

Many perceive that wealth is simply handed to the son of a managing partner of a multi-million dollar real estate developer, but Tyler Hudson had to work for and earn his opportunity for success. “I was never given a position here,” states Tyler, a Hermitage native and real estate developer for Hudson Companies. “A lot of what I accomplished was [from] working for myself.”

As an eighteen-year-old high school student at Kennedy Catholic, Tyler worked his way into joint ventures with his father’s company (which specializes in general construction, real estate development, acquisition, and investment) after acquiring a portfolio consisting of forty-two residential homes in the Shenango Valley. It was through networking with established professionals in the area that he could build his success. “I have always been tied to my roots in Hermitage,” said Tyler. “Growing up in the this area, it was always very rewarding for me with the different people I was able to connect with. I really attribute my success to the people I was able to position myself with and the people I was able to meet growing up.”

Tyler’s father, John Hudson, founded Hudson Companies in 1977, with Tyler then taking it upon himself to develop student housing facilities and multi-family development projects across Western Pennsylvania. “Hudson Companies – that’s really my father’s success,” said Tyler. “My [success] is based on a lot of my new developments and a lot of projects that I’ve branched off and done myself.” Seeing his hometown community thrive and gain economic success is of utmost importance to Tyler. He hopes to assist the same welcoming community that attributed to his come-up. “In this community, there are always a lot of people who are willing to help. There are a lot of people that want to see success out of our community. Different business leaders and different businesses tied to this area want to see success in this region and they are always very willing to influence and assist if they can.” Tyler hopes to continue his real estate development in the area and looks to increase the amount of projects he oversees. Venturing out at a young age and making early mistakes prepared Tyler for the victories and challenges that life would bring in the years ahead. Tyler offers advice to those looking to become successful. “I think some of the best advice that I have ever received, which was from my dad, is that you determine your own future and that you learn from your mistakes,” Tyler said. “I have been able to learn from my mistakes. It’s really what helps you develop your future.” Tyler believes that, if you’re passionate about your goals, you will do everything in your power to achieve them. “When you have the determination to do something, you see it through until it’s done,” he said.

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Article from Millenial Spark Magazine