Alumna Shines in Fitness Ministry

Nov 24, 2014 | Alumni-Stories

After graduating from KCHS in 1993, Frannie Foltz experienced a number of transformations, many of which she credits to the relationships and experiences she established here at Kennedy. Upon graduation, she followed her childhood dream to become a teacher. She attended Mercyhurst College and earned B.A. in ELED and ECED; then moved to Florida, where she gained some teaching experience before relocating back to the Great Lakes. In 2002, Frannie settled back into Cleveland where she worked as a teacher then administrator at Hathaway Brown, an all-girls’ school in Shaker Heights, Ohio. Through a faith-filled path which Frannie credits began with the inspiration of Sister Margaret Pellerite and the guidance of youth minister, Joe Ranelli, Frannie left her education career to follow a call and a passion for youth and fitness. In April 2013, Frannie started her own business, Shine Wellness, which focuses on promoting and improving pre-adolescent and adolescent girls’ health–body, mind, and spirit.

For Frannie, Kennedy has a special place in her heart. Many of her rock-solid relationships were planted and rooted herein the formative grounds of her high school experience. Frannie remains closely connected with many of her “KCHS sisters” and even some of the faculty, but she claims that the relationship that is most celebrated today is the one she’s established with Christ. Frannie has experienced a myriad of changes-body, mind, and spirit, and has been healed through the hurts of some of the pains through God’s gracious and merciful love through His son.

While her Kennedy experience was over 20 years ago, the faith that was planted therein has been fostered and cultivated since and is now far more personal; it is her life mission and career. Frannie notes that Shine is her fitness ministry and is derived from Matt 5:16 where we are called to be a light and shine to glorify and honor Him. She plans to return to KCHS and the Shenango Valley to do some programming and promote health and wellness and help others realize their potential to shine, too!

– Frannie Foltz, Class of 1993