Sr. Margaret Named Hometown Hero

Feb 15, 2018 | KCFS News

HERMITAGE, Pa. (WYTV) – Sister Margaret Pellerite isn’t one to boast about the service she does for those around her, but there are some who would call her an angel. That’s the reason why she was nominated for 33 WYTV’s Hometown Hero.

“First thing I got was tears,” Sister Margaret said when she found out about her nomination.

Sister Margaret was surprised but also not sure why the things that come naturally to her are being recognized in such a big way.

‘We need to do things just because it’s the right thing to do,” Sister Pellerite said.

Students and colleagues are more than happy to do a little bragging for the sister. For 49 years, Sister Margaret taught algebra and geometry at Kennedy Catholic in Hermitage. She also runs the Action Club at the school, which is a service organization that this past year alone gave 250 Thanksgiving baskets to families in the community.

Sister Margaret and her students continue the act of giving by collecting baskets for Easter and distributing blankets at Christmas time.

“She’s made a huge impact on the student body here. I just see them pulling together to help sister with everything,” said Debbie Williamson, administrator. “It impacts everyone in the Shenango Catholic family of schools.”

Students can tell you that the sister’s giving nature is something they will take with them when their time at Kennedy Catholic is over.

“She really inspires all of us to give a little more and to be better versions of ourselves,” said Nicolina Risevi, Action Club member.

Sister Margaret said she lives knowing there’s a need in the world and that she has an obligation to do what she can.

“It is very important that we live a good Christian life based on Christ’s life, where he was forever out and doing whatever could be done to help other people,” Sister Margaret said.

Source: WYTV