Update from Mrs Puleo regarding SJPII 4th quarter grading

May 5, 2020 | COVID-19, KCFS News

Dear SJPII Families,
Thank for your patience and willingness to support your child and their teacher in this distance
learning. We have about 5 more weeks of remote learning.
Calendar days of learning:
Monday-Friday May 4-8
Monday-Friday May 11-15
Monday-Friday May 18-22
Tuesday-Friday May 26-29
Monday-Wednesday June 1-3
Based on guidance from the Catholic School Office and feedback from the teachers, the
following is how SJPII will proceed with the following directions for grading the 4th
Standards will be assessed for Language Arts, Math, and Religion for all grades(Social
Studies and Science for 6th)
Only first 3 quarter grades will be averaged in the final grade
For fourth quarter, students will earn a P for pass, F for failure or an I for incomplete
Music, Art, Physical Education, Technology, Spelling, and Health will be left blank for
4th quarter.
If all work is not turned in by May 27, your child’s teacher will let students know what
assignments are missing. They will have until June 2 to complete all work before receiving a
failing grade.
If a student receives an Incomplete or Failure on their report card for the 4th quarter, we will
recommend for students to be tutored during the summer. Teachers are currently preparing your
child for the next grade level so they do not struggle in the future. Please make sure your child
takes advantage of the zoom meetings and that they are completing all assignments.
Stay Safe! Stay healthy! Hope to see you soon!