Return to School FAQ

Aug 4, 2020 | COVID-19, KCFS News

The Kennedy Catholic Family of Schools are excited to announce our plans for the upcoming school year. This plan is a working document and has been approved as such by the school board. It is subject to change and update. At this time, we are planning a start date of August 25th with classes resuming in person with a remote option for those who are uncomfortable attending. The following steps are being taken to ensure student and staff safety:

  • All students and staff must have their temperatures checked upon entering the building.
  • Students must wear masks in the hallways and when social distancing is not possible.
  • Upon entering the classroom, students will have the option of removing their masks due to our ability to properly social distance in the classroom.
  • Additional lunch periods will be added to ensure proper social distancing and sanitization.
  • Students will attend school in person Monday and Tuesday, Thursday and Friday with a remote learning day on Wednesday’s for additional sanitization.

Should students not feel comfortable returning in person, they will have the option to complete their work remotely. Below, please find some frequently asked questions:

Back to school FAQ’s

  1. How will social distancing be implemented in the building? All desks in every classroom will be spaced six feet apart along with facing the same direction. Extra cafeteria tables will be put out to ensure social distancing as well as not allowing students to face each other. Stairwells in the middle/high school will be one way. The dismissal of classes will be staggered to limit the number of students in the hallways.
  2. How does Monitoring Student and Staff Health take place? Parents, students, and staff will be given a screening tool to complete every morning before arriving  at school. Upon arrival, the screening tool will be utilized again verbally by staff as well as checking temperatures of all students and staff. If a student or staff member does not pass either of the wellness checks, they will not be permitted to enter the building. If they are already in the building, they will be quarantined to a predetermined COVID room. If an individual shows signs or symptoms of COVID-19, the school nurse will examine the individual. If the nurse deems it necessary, the school nurse will involve a physician, parents, Mercer County Health Department and the State Department of Health. The school and the Mercer County Health Department will conduct contact tracing. The appropriate individuals will then be contacted.
  3. What special protocols will you implement to protect students and student family members who are at higher risk for severe illness? During the Green Phase, students have the option to attend school virtually by logging into classes that are taking place at the school in the middle/high school. This will allow all students to be present for lectures and presentations from their home. At the elementary level, students will have the opportunity to participate in virtual learning activities at predetermined times with their teachers.
  4. Do the school operating hours need to include a staggered schedule, changes to transportation, drop-off and pick up times and use of entrances and exits? At the middle/high school, all students will enter and exit through the back cafeteria door. Students will not be permitted to wait in the cafeteria but will go directly to their homerooms. The school will open at 7:30 as normal. All students will be expected to be in their homerooms by 7:55. Dismissal times will be staggered based upon transportation mode. Dismissal will begin after conclusion of afternoon announcements and will conclude by 2:50. At the elementary school, students will enter and exit via the back entrance by the cafeteria and walk straight to their classrooms. Prek students will enter and exit using the prek entrance as usual. Kindergarten and prek students will be dismissed at 2:20 and grades 1-6 will dismiss at 2:30. Older siblings will be unable to be dismissed via prek or k doors (parents will have to get in the main pick up line).
  5. How will the master schedule need adjusted to reduce COVID-19 transmission and to accommodate possible transitions among the three possible instructional modalities (face-to-face, hybrid, and remote learning). Class sizes will be kept as small as possible to ensure the maximum of distance between each student during face-to-face instruction. Class sizes will not be greater than the amount determined to adequately space out students six feet apart for each room. Larger classrooms and spaces such as library, conference room, gym, and cafeteria will be utilized. Google classroom will be used in all phases to create consistency. The facilities staff will meet regularly to discuss any needs and keep up to date with the OSHA and CDC guidelines and requirements to ensure the safety of the students and staff of KCFS.
  6. How will you ensure the building is cleaned and disinfected to safely welcome staff and students? The KCFS facilities staff has been working diligently to sanitize and disinfect both St. John Paul II Elementary and Kennedy Catholic Middle/High School as we prepare for the start of the coming school year. The facilities staff has access to sanitizing and disinfecting supplies, has created and implemented a cleaning regimen that meets the guidelines and requirements set forth by OSHA and the CDC as it pertains to properly disinfecting the facilities in response to COVID-19. The KCFS has acquired several Nebula Disinfectant Misting Machines for both school buildings. The facilities staff has completed training on the proper use and maintenance of the Nebula device. The cleaning regimen and schedules created will be implemented and in place multiple times daily for the coming school year. The facilities staff will meet regularly to discuss any needs and keep up to date with the OSHA and CDC guidelines and requirements to ensure the safety of the students and staff of KCFS.
  7. How will you procure adequate disinfection supplies meeting OSHA and CDC requirements for COVID-19? The KCFS has secured the proper disinfectant supplies needed to clean classrooms, offices, commonly used areas throughout the school building. The KCFS facilities staff has received the proper training needed to ensure a healthy and safe environment. The KCFS has applied for Health and Safety Grants that will help to secure the proper sanitizing and disinfectant supplies.
  8.  How often will you implement cleaning, sanitation, disinfecting, and ventilation protocols/procedures to maintain staff and student safety? The KCFS facilities staff along with faculty will clean and disinfect the high traffic areas and surfaces multiple times throughout the course of the school day. Classrooms will be disinfected using the Nebula Disinfecting Machine while students are at lunch, recess, and any other time the students will not be in a designated classroom. Restrooms and hallways will be cleaned and sanitized frequently throughout the day. Nightly cleaning of the classrooms and building will help to maintain the health and safety of the students and staff. Cleaning procedures recommended by OSHA and the CDC will be followed and monitored. Classrooms, restrooms, and the MPR will have checklists that will be monitored daily to ensure the proper sanitization and disinfecting is taking place. KCFS facilities staff will record the day and time the areas were cleaned throughout the school day. The school’s ventilation system circulates the outside air and the filters will be changed frequently.
  9. Which stakeholders will be trained on cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting, and ventilation protocols? When and how will the training be provided? How will preparedness to implement cleaning measures at the conclusion of the training be measured? The Kennedy Catholic Family of Schools facilities staff, office staff, cafeteria staff, and administration will receive training as needed on the equipment and proper procedures.  The Return to School Facilities Committee will meet regularly and will also be trained as needed. The Facilities Committee will let the Administration know when further training or changes will need to be implemented to stay current with the OSHA and CDC guidelines.

If you have any additional questions you can email Thank you very much and we look forward to seeing everyone soon!