Sponsorship Opportunities

Jun 23, 2022 | KCFS News

We are excited to announce a new sponsorship program at the KCMS/HS Campus! We are inviting businesses/organizations and members of the community to participate in this program. We are offering the opportunity to sponsor naming rights to one or more locations within the KC Campus grounds. By sponsoring, businesses and community members can make their brand visible to KC students, families, and many others at KC events. Similarly, naming a space in honor of a loved one can serve as a meaningful way to show your support for our students.
$20K donation each (this can be from an individual, a Company or a group of family members in memory or celebration of the students who attended)
20 General Classrooms
2 Robotics Lab rooms
1 Computer Lab
2 Conference Rooms
Prices are to be Negotiated for the following:
3 Science Labs
Music Room
Outdoor Gazebo
Website Banner
Our community’s support has meant so much to us through the years and we are excited to provide this sponsoring opportunity.
For additional information and to sponsor a room on the campus please contact Ms. Angela Surano at angelasurano12@gmail.com.