Engineering Academy

Our commitment to preparing students for the jobs of the 21st century is exemplified by our engineering academy. Students will receive real world experience with the engineering design process through competition in two major robotics competitions, Boosting Engineering, Science, and Technology (BEST) and Robobot. These competitions are the core of our academy that our classes will be based around. The engineering design process, in its simplest terms, is to ideate, implement and test. For ideate, the students will be using Solidworks, the world’s leading Computer Aided Design (CAD) software to create three dimensional designs of the robot in the computer. For implement, the students will use our equipment such as a CNC mill, 3D printers and various power tools such as cordless drills, circular saws, mitre saws, jigsaws, belt sander, and soldering stations. For test, the students will be building a practice course for our robot to determine whether the design works or not. If it doesn’t work, then they get to do the engineering design process all over again! The final test is at our two major robotics competitions! Each year of the academy, the students will be adding a new tool to their mental engineering toolbox making our engineering design process that much more efficient. After four years, they will have a vast advantage to becoming an engineer or future problem solvers later in life!

We make significant and ongoing investments in the software and hardware our students need to stay ahead. We have recently acquired a Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Mill through various grant money, and we will be taking advantage of this great machine in our engineering classes, STEM guitar building, and robotics competitions. We also have two 3D printers, and in the coming years, we are looking to add on additional equipment such as a laser engraver and CNC router with a goal of giving our students the complete engineering experience.

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