International Students

KC recognizes the importance of living in a global environment and we are proud to host a diverse community of students. Our 2018-19 student body embraced 30 international students representing 10 unique countries.

Testimonials from our international students:

“Being an international student at Kennedy Catholic is wonderful. I have the opportunity to study with other students from so many other countries and backgrounds, gaining valuable English speaking skills in a faith-filled environment.”
– Tran Nguyen (12th Grade-Vietnam)

“My brother and cousins all attended Kennedy. We have all had very different, yet similar experiences. All of which, have helped us grow as students and human beings to prepare us for a successful future.”
– Bella Cano (11th Grade-Dominican Republic)

“I am so different since coming to Kennedy in many ways. I have become more outgoing, I have great friends, and have been provided the opportunity to be involved in many activities. I enjoy track, cross country, dance, with challenging subject area courses. I am excited to continue learning at Kennedy to achieve future goals of going to college in the United States.”
– Zixin Lin (10th Grade-China)

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We partner with the following agencies to facilitate international students:
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Become a Host

Hosting an international student is an incredibly rewarding experience! American families who open their hearts and homes to students from different cultures have life-changing experiences and gain a better understanding of the world around them. Our host families receive 24/7 local support and monthly stipends to offset the cost of hosting.