Kennedy Catholic Service Policy

Centuries ago, St. Teresa of Avila wrote “Christ has no body but yours, no hands, feet on earth but yours.” These words are still true today. At Kennedy Catholic Family of Schools we strive to teach our students to provide compassion in Christ through acts of charity and service. Our students’ actions support a multitude of community programs and individuals in need.

With this mission in mind, at the beginning of every school year, we offer our students orientation about the service requirement. They attend a SERVICE FAIR to meet with mentors and volunteers from different nonprofit organizations in our community.

Download the KCFS Community Service Verification Form

Hours Requirement

Prior to graduation, students must complete the following service hours:

  • 9”‘ Grade: 25 hours
  • 10”‘ Grade: 25 hours
  • 11”‘ Grade: 25 hours
  • 12”‘ Grade: .25 hours

Students are given ample time and opportunity to complete these requirements throughout the year. Students are able to complete all 25 the summer prior to their next grade level.

If a student joins the KCFS after the beginning of the school year, the service hours will be prorated for that year.

Requirements for Service Hours

  • Service is an activity that is supervised by an adult , non relative (over 25) where students help in their schools, churches or non-profits. Service can also include fundraising for other service organizations.
  • Service may not occur in a for profit business.
  • There can be no monetary compensation for service performed.
  • Service must be for an individual or group other than the student’s family.
  • Service can be performed outside or during school hours, provided that any absence from school for service is approved in advance by the Academic Principal.
  • Hours performed for Confirmation and National Honor Society will also count towards this service requirement.
  • Activities of the Action Club and Rotary will also count towards this service requirement.
  • Hours cannot be rolled over to the following academic year.  ie: a student cannot perform 100 hours of service in their freshman year and meet the requirement. Students must perform a minimum of 25 hours per year.

Effect on Graduation

Students will not graduate from Kennedy Catholic without meeting their service requirements. Juniors will not be allowed to begin Senior year until all delinquent hours are made up.