News and updates are listed below from the Parent-Teacher Organization at Saint John Paul II.



Meeting Minutes for October 9, 2019

SAINT JOHN PAUL II PTO MEETING Wednesday, October 9, 2019 Officers Present: Megan Gagliano – Vice-President, Ashley Aliulis – Secretary, Michelle Becker – Treasurer, Pam Cianci – Vice-Teacher Rep & Katie Tiefenthal – Head Teacher Officers Not Present: Laura Burcham – President, Jacque Grasso – Teacher Rep & June Grasso – Teacher Rep. In training […]

Meeting Minutes for September 11, 2019

SAINT JOHN PAUL II PTO MEETING Wednesday, September 11, 2019 Meeting Brought to Order: By Laura Burcham @ 8:05 a.m. Introduction of Officers: Laura Burcham – President – In Attendance Megan Gagliano – Vice President – Missing from Meeting Ashley Aliulis – Secretary – In Attendance Michelle Becker – Treasurer – In Attendance Jacqui Grasso […]

Meeting Minutes for March 13, 2019

In attendance was, Mr. Testa, Mrs. Teifenthal, Nicole Perry, Jamie Black, Kaela Blum, and Angela Moneski. Meeting brought to order at 8:07am. Mr. Testa started the meeting off with discussing briefly the new curriculums that were going to be reviewed and possibly implemented, it has been narrowed down to three choices. He also stated that […]

Minutes for February 13, 2019

Saint John Paul II Elementary PTO Meeting Minutes February 13, 2019 Meeting brought to order at 8:06 In attendance was: Mr. Testa Mrs. Teifenthal Nicole Perry Jamie Black Angela Moneski Meeting brought to order at 8:06am. Mr. Testa started off with announcing that Pennies for Patriots started on Monday of this week, and a Rediker […]

Minutes for January 9, 2019

Saint John Paul II Elementary PTO Meeting Minutes January 9, 2019 Meeting brought to order at 8:05 In attendance was: Nikki Perry Jamie Black Katie Teifenthal Angela Moneski Katie started the meeting off with thanking everyone for helping out with the Very Blessed Christmas, and also saying how great it went. She let everyone know […]

Minutes for October 10, 2018

Saint John Paul II PTO Meeting Minutes October 10, 2018 The meeting was brought to order by Nikki Perry at 8:05am. in attendance were: Mr. Testa – Principal Nikki Perry – PTO President Angela Moneski – PTO Secretary Kaela Blum – PTO Treasurer Mr. Testa started with the principal’s report: He stated that the SOAR […]

Minutes for September 12, 2018

Meeting was brought to order by Nicole Perry at 8:04am. In attendance was: Nicole Perry- PTO President Jamie Blake- PTO Vice President Kaela Blum- PTO Treasurer Angela Moneski – PTO Secretary Mr. Testa- SJPII Principal Mrs. Tiefenfal- PTO Teacher Representative Father Glover – President Old business discussed – BooHoo Yahoo Breakfast and Eagle Eye. The […]

Minutes for January 10, 2018

Meeting brought to order by Michelle Becker. Attending Meeting: Michelle Becker Rebekah Chiodo Heidi Patterson Missing: Jessica Minich Jennifer Malloy Mrs. Tiefenthal We discussed old business regarding success of Christmas Shoppe and Christmas Snack . The teacher luncheon which Liz Rosa took care of chairing was wonderful. Reminded everyone that fleeces that are on backorder […]