STEM Guitar

Across the United States, there are increasing concerns from businesses about the supply of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics trained workers. Although science and math test scores in the US are among the lowest around the world, the US educational system is in the process of revitalizing the “hands on” learning techniques as a way to enhance the participation and success of students. Our project meets the needs of applied learning with the flexibility of being modular in the classroom.

This is a supplementary course that is taken concurrently with Engineering 2, 3, or 4. The student will need to complete additional homework to complete the required instruction of the Engineering course. This project takes approximately 9 weeks to complete.

Project Outline:

  • STEM Learning Activities in the following disciplines: Physical Science, Math, Engineering, CADD, CNC, RPT, Reverse Engineering, etc.
  • Lab time for practical application
  • Guitar Body, neck, fret board selection and preparation
  • Guitar customization and painting
  • Headstock design
  • Fretting
  • Electronic installation
  • Neck Installation and setup
  • Intonation


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