Technology Initiative

Across the globe, technology is revolutionizing education. Each and every day students, teachers, and parents use a variety of devices to break down traditional classroom walls and access the boundless universe of knowledge, insight, experience, inspiration, and innovation available on the internet. From kindergarten kids learning basic math or reading, to fifth graders exploring the inner-workings of a molecular cell, to high school students examining the life and works of St. Thomas Aquinas, technology has forever changed the way teachers teach and students learn.

The leaders of the Shenango Valley Catholic School System believe that the Kennedy Catholic Family of Schools (KCFS) must offer students at all grade levels access to these transformational tools if the System is to maintain its ability to accomplish its stated mission and achieve these two important objectives:

  • Provide every KCFS student with the opportunity to fully participate in and take advantage of the educational revolution that is transforming the nation and the world.
  • Make it possible for the KCFS to compete and succeed inan academic marketplace that offers a wide array of public, private, hybrid, and online educational options. In order to maintain its position as the pre-eminent educational alternative in the region, the KCFS must offer what both internal research and reams of data identify as one of the primary factors driving school choice: access to cutting edge technology.

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