Family Referral Program

Oct 11, 2017 | KCFS News

We are off to another fantastic year, and we wanted to take a minute to remind everyone of our ​new family ​referral program. Our friends and family of Kennedy Catholic are the voices​, the marketing, and the future​ of ​KCFS. We continue to ask you to please ​share your incredible experiences with others​ and help our school system continue to grow.

It’s simple, for every new school family that you refer; you will receive a reduction in your current year tuition. The credits are not limited, however the referral credits will be distributed once the new school family has completed the registration process and has paid two months of tuition.

For each student referred in grade level K-12, a $200 tuition credit will be awarded to the referring family. So start referring today to begin earning your credits towards tuition. Please download the form below and give the inquiry form to the family you would like to refer, or encourage the family you are referring to mention you as a referral when they contact our admissions department. If you have any questions regarding the program, please contact the Finance Office.

Download Referral Form

For more information on other tuition credit programs, check out the “Tuition Credit Programs” tab on the Tuition & Financial Aid Information page.