Our Mission & Vision

Mission Statement:

The Kennedy Catholic Family of Schools is a regional college preparatory Roman Catholic school system of the Diocese of Erie from Preschool through Grade 12. We are committed to providing spiritual inspiration, exceptional academics and extracurricular activities as all of us strive “to serve Christ” (Christo Servire).

Our Vision

The Kennedy Catholic Family of Schools is a Christ-centered faith community that exists as a response to Jesus’ mandate: “Go and teach all nations.” In fulfilling this mandate, we open our doors to a population of diverse racial, ethnic, religious and economic backgrounds and thereby live our motto Christo Servire, to serve Christ. We strive to provide students with an exceptional educational experience that encompasses academic excellence, outstanding extracurricular activities and continual spiritual growth. We guide our students in their spiritual, moral, intellectual, emotional, social and physical development by providing an atmosphere conducive to acquiring and increasing knowledge on all levels.

As a Catholic community, we celebrate liturgies and unite our prayers in response to the needs of the wider community. We also provide for the broadening of our views so the students may seek social justice in a global society.

Investing in Tomorrow

Through systematic instruction in the Catholic faith, the Christian message is communicated and commitment to Christ and His values is fostered. Teachers in the Catholic school have the opportunity to present a complete picture of the human person with both a spiritual and physical nature. Students are taught to look not only at traditional values and events, but also to look critically at issues and events in light of Gospel values. Daily personal prayer and community worship strengthen the commitment to serve one’s neighbors and to become aware of the fact that this extends beyond the school and the parish community.

Today’s child will live in a world with the need for technological expertise with great competition in the work place. Statistics and surveys attest to the fact that students in Catholic school systems are not only on par with students in other educational systems, but in many cases surpass them. Our boast, however, is the fact that we can offer something above and beyond what other schools are permitted to offer–namely, that of religious instruction. We can be truly proud of the fact that we can teach the whole child, not only in the academic area, but also in the spiritual realm. Today’s youth are truly worth the investment of quality Catholic Education!

The Kennedy Experience

The Kennedy Catholic Family of Schools offers students exceptional academic programs that prepare them to achieve and succeed in college and in life, spiritual guidance and religious instruction that prepares young people to cope with the secular world, a vast array of extracurricular activities and athletic programs that enable them to fully explore their interests and develop their talents, and the opportunity to enrich and enhance their community by serving their fellow man.

This combination of academics and spirituality is at the heart of the Kennedy Catholic experience. It is what enables the school to provide what is, without question, the best secondary education in our region — an education that has enabled thousands of graduates to excel in their fields and assume leadership positions in communities both here in the United States and abroad.

Our total commitment to our vision enables the KCFS to provide what is, without question, the most exceptional primary and secondary education available in our region—an education that has enabled thousands of our students to excel in their fields and assume leadership positions in communities both here in the United States and abroad.

Again welcome, and remember, at Kennedy Catholic, we teach life.