Exceptional Education Available for All

Affordability Philosophy

We believe it is important to make the Kennedy Experience available to as many students as possible regardless of income. That is why we strive to ensure that qualifying families have access to financial aid from a wide variety of sources, 

In addition to providing access to financial aid, we work continually to keep tuition at an affordable level. A quality education is an investment in your child’s future. We strive to keep the cost of this investment as low as possible for the families that we serve with the cost of tuition being set far lower than the actual cost to educate a student. The difference is made up through continual development efforts and parish subsidies.

If you have any questions about tuition, tuition payments or financial aid, please contact the Finance Office at 724-346-5531.

The Kennedy Experience...

You can get an education anywhere, but with the Kennedy Catholic Family of Schools, your child will not only be receiving a rigorous academic education, but also learn to develop a strong Christ-like character. This combination of academics and spirituality is at the heart of the Kennedy Catholic experience. As a graduate your child will join with thousands of alumni who excel in their fields and are leaders in their chosen professions.

At Kennedy Catholic Family of Schools…
we teach life.

Tuition Payment Options

1. Full Payment.

Under this plan the entire amount of tuition is paid on or before July 1st. This payment is made directly to the school office. Tuition can be pre‑paid in one payment. Charge Cards are accepted. There is no additional fee with this plan, which represents an approximate 1% savings. One payment due in full July 1.

2. Multiple Payments.

Under this plan the entire amount of tuition is paid either over two payments ($10 fee required, yearly) or between three to twelve payments ($42 fee required, yearly) beginning in July through the FACTS Tuition Management Plan.

This plan is an automatic payment plan made through your checking or savings account or through a credit card. Those choosing this plan will authorize their financial institution to make automatic monthly payments to FACTS. Click here for more information about FACTS tuition payments.

FACTS is a tuition collection company that all schools in the Diocese of Erie are mandated to utilize for the collection of tuition. 

Financial Aid, Scholarship & Tuition Credit Opportunities

Because we recognize that investing in a Catholic education can place a strain on household budgets and because our mission encompasses making the Kennedy Experience available to as many students as possible regardless of income, qualifying families may access financial aid from a variety of sources. To assist all parents who desire to take advantage of a Catholic education there are a number of financial aid, scholarship, and tuition credit programs designed to make attendance at Kennedy Catholic High School, Kennedy Catholic Middle School and Saint John Paul II Elementary School a reality. Reasonable tuition is within reach given the means available through the financial aid programs sponsored by the Diocese of Erie and the Shenango Valley School System. 


Financial Aid & Tuition Assistance

Remember finances are never the deciding factor in whether a student is accepted. Sufficient aid is available to ensure that everyone who desires to take advantage of a Catholic education can obtain the means to do so. For more information on financial aid through the Erie Diocese, click here.

Tuition Assistance

Tuition assistance is available from the Diocese, the school system and other additional sources for families experiencing economic difficulties. Financial aid packets are mailed home every year at the end of January and due back by the middle of April. Assistance is need-based and dependent on household income. However, since financial circumstances often are unpredictable, families should not hesitate to inform the school of their need whenever it may arise during the year. For the sake of your family’s security and peace of mind and for the general financial stability of our schools, we encourage parents or guardians to contact the finance office as soon as possible when they are experiencing economic difficulties.

Education is expensive. There are many parents who desire the very best education possible for their children; who desire a Catholic education, but believe they have insufficient income to afford a Catholic education. To assist all parents who desire to take advantage of a Catholic education there are a number of financial aid programs designed to make attendance at Kennedy Catholic High School, Kennedy Catholic Middle School and Saint John Paul II Elementary School a reality.

Reasonable tuition is within reach given the means available through the financial aid programs sponsored by the Diocese of Erie and the Shenango Valley School System.

Through the generosity of donors to the Catholic Foundation of Northwest Pennsylvania, Kennedy Catholic High School is the designated beneficiary of the MONSIGNOR JOHN B. HAGERTY SCHOLARSHIP ENDOWMENT, the MONSIGNOR SALVATORE MITCHELL EDUCATION ENDOWMENT, and the FARRELL CHRISTOPHER HOME CORPORTATION ENDOWMENT which are held at the foundation. We recently received a grant from this endowment to support student scholarships. The Catholic Foundation of Northwest Pennsylvania is the only community foundation in northwest Pennsylvania guided by Catholic values and investment principles. The Foundation inspires and unites Catholics in supporting their faith community and creating a Catholic legacy. To learn more about the Catholic Foundation, contact Lisa Louis at 814-824-1237.

To receive consideration for financial aid the following steps are necessary:

  1. Student must be registered
  2. Application must be made for Diocesan Tuition Assistance Program/Star Foundation. (Click Here for Online Form)
  3. Application must be made for SVCSS’s Tuition Assistance Program/Shenango Valley Foundation. (Click Here)
  4. Families are also encouraged to consider EITC donations (Click here for Pledge Form)

Steps 1, 2, and 3 must be completed before additional financial aid will be considered.

Notification of Financial Aid Determination is communicated in writing around June 15th.

Family Referral Tuition Credit Program

Kennedy Catholic Family of Schools is very thankful for all our students, families and partners. We also understand that our best advertisers are our families and families who have great experiences to share with others who may be interested in providing the same quality faith-centered education for their child(ren). To show our appreciation, we would like to introduce our Tuition Referral Program.

It’s simple, for every new school family that you refer; you will receive a reduction in your current year tuition. The credits are not limited, however the referral credits will be distributed once the new school family has completed the registration process and has paid two months of tuition.

For each student referred in grade level K-12, a $250 tuition credit will be awarded to the referring family. So start referring today to begin earning your credits towards tuition. Please download the form below and give the inquiry form to the family you would like to refer, or encourage the family you are referring to mention you as a referral when they contact our admissions department. If you have any questions regarding the program, please contact Nicole Perry, Director of Enrollment at

SCRIP Tution Credits

Scrip is gift certificates from national and local retailers including gas stations, grocery stores, clothing stores, and restaurants. With each gift certificate you purchase, a percentage of the money goes directly to your child’s tuition. The beauty of scrip is that you put your regular household shopping dollars to work. You earn money towards your tuition without spending a single additional penny.

To purchase Scrip online:

  • Go to the website:
  • Click on the link “Join Your Existing Program” where you will be asked to enter an enrollment code.
    The code for KCFS/SVCSS is: 6E2955734683
  • Follow the online instructions to create an account and complete orders

Junior Achievement Tuition Scholarship

Junior Achievement of Western PA is proud to support JA students as they continue their education. Through EITC funding, as well as individual and corporate donations, Junior Achievement is able to offer a variety of High School and College Scholarships to students that have participated in different types of JA programming. Note that students must participate/have participated in JA program(s) in order to be eligible for these scholarships. Please click here to visit the Junior Achievement Website for more information.

Primary Health Network Tuition Scholarship

The Primary Health Network Charitable Foundation (PHNCF) offers need-based scholarship opportunities that assist students attending a private school in Pennsylvania. Click here for the application which is due on May 15, 2020

International Student Host Family Tuition Credit

Along with traditional sources of financial aid, we offer an innovative and exciting program that provides a stipend equal to the cost of tuition to any family that agrees to host a foreign exchanges student enrolled at Kennedy. Now 20 years old, the Exchange Hosting Program represents a wonderful opportunity for host families to share culture and experiences with a teenager from a foreign country and obtain the funding needed to send their child to the school. By any measure Exchange Hosting is a winner for all involved.

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Testimonial from the Campbell Family

From Kennedy Catholic my children have received spiritual inspiration, exceptional academics and extracurricular activities just as the mission statement intended. For my oldest daughter Princess who just graduated and heading to Stanford, she is definitely ready to pass this on the next phase in her journey and new educational community and the world.Thank you Kennedy Catholic for giving only the best!!!!!

Dr Linet Campbell 
Mother to Princess, Precious, Patience & Paris Ochweri 


Testimonial from the Southworth Family

Kennedy Catholic is a phenomenal school. The teachers, students and staff saved my son’s life. We are forever grateful. 

The Southworth Family-
Lena, Adrian & Maxwell


Testimonial from the Gealy Family

The dedication of the faculty at SJPII has always been exceptional, however it was on full display throughout this past year. Mrs Tiefenthal was available whenever we had questions- not just during typical school hours. The classes that were continued transferred seamlessly to remote learning. We especially enjoyed the zoom story times and virtual field trips. I believe that we were given enough tools to keep our children on track and in a way that I was not left feeling overscheduled. This was important to me because as I worked from home and at the office, we were able to complete the assignments at our convenience. I take comfort in knowing that the Kennedy Catholic Family of Schools has proved the ability to adjust the classroom accordingly to these uncertain times.

-The Gealy Family: Michelle and Maryleigh
Current SJPII Parent

Testimonial from the Rosa Family

The thing that stands out to us in addition to an amazing education, is the family feeling you get from being part of this school system. Starting with the teachers and administrators, they go above and beyond to make sure each student is getting exactly what they need to succeed. Whether it is the principal putting on a band-aid or a devoted teacher staying after school and working during the summer tutoring a struggling child. They really care. We are so happy we chose the KCFS for our children.”

– The Rosa Family: Lewis, Elizabeth, Abby and Andrew
Former KCFS Board & Committee Member & KCFS Parents

Testimonial from the Miller Family

We transitioned Glenn to a Kennedy Catholic in 8th grade as we wanted him to get comfortable with the school before the important high school years.  The transition was very easy for him.  Everyone made him feel comfortable and his grades were better than we all expected.

When the transition to remote learning took place our local public school took 2 weeks to begin learning from home.  Kennedy was ready in a day.  After the first week of everyone adjusting to the new learning environment Glenn excelled and made highest honors the second two grading periods.

Glenn really enjoyed his teachers and they were readily available to him during the remote learning experience.

– The Miller Family: Dr. Glenn, Roberta and Glenn
Current KCHS Parents

Testimonial from Carol Shields, M.D.

“Kennedy Catholic welcomed me into its wonderful nurturing environment. Kennedy planted the seed of my career and taught me discipline, integrity, and loyalty – 3 assets for success. That opened the door to an excellent University, then Medical School, and now blossomed into a top tier medical practice in Philadelphia. My roots remain at Kennedy.”

– Carol L. Shields M.D., Class of 1975
Ocular Oncology Service, Co-Director Wills Eye Hospital