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This page contains information for you including links to check on your child’s grades, manage tuition payments, view the school calendar and lunch menus and download forms. If you are unable to find what you are looking for here, please contact us for help.

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Current lunch menu for middle/high school students

AVI will be the company providing your child with fresh, healthy school lunch. Please turn in lunch slips on Thursday (first turn in day) or Friday (final turn in day) of the previous week, for the following week’s lunch count. Any lunch orders turned in after requested days, we will be enforcing our policy of a cheese sandwich, pretzels, apple and choice of milk. You will be billed for this lunch. No exceptions.

Please mark the correct box for either regular or alternate lunch for each day your child (children) will be ordering. Please fill out one slip per child and mark your slip with the student’s grade.

The price of lunch is $4.00. Extra entrées are $1.00. You must purchase a full price lunch to purchase the extra for $1.00. We will not be offering extra sides for sale.

If your child is absent we will carry over a credit for the following week. Please mark credit on your child’s lunch slip. If you signed your child up for lunch and your child chooses not to eat a school lunch and packs, we will not consider that a credit. We plan so that we do not waste food and your child will already be in that days count.

We will be selling cookies and snacks for $1.00 on Fridays.  These items are cash only, please do not include with the lunch order form.

All returned checks will be charged a $25 fee. After one returned check, only cash will be accepted.

We will have birthday treats available for purchase. Forms will be sent home the first week of school. Please turn in these slips to the office in an envelope marked birthday treat along with the money. Home baked goodies/bakery treats and all other outside food are not allowed to be brought into the school for the children to eat. This is to protect students with allergies and to ensure the safety of all children from contaminants and food-borne illness. Also to comply with our schools wellness policy.

Please do not text, email, or leave me a message about birthday treats orders. I would hate to not have your child’s treat there on the date that you requested. A two day notice will be required for cookies or ice cream. Cupcakes require one weeks notice.

If you have any questions please contact Charles Brown at  724-977-2305 or via email at

School lunches are provided by AVI foodservice. Here is an overview of how our “QSP” meal program works:

Lunch cost is $4.75. If your child received free lunches you must submit a new written request for this school year to the administration office. Please mark it attention Mr Iacino. Mr Iacino must have your financial aid paperwork for this school year, before any decisions are made. We do not participate in the national school lunch program, therefor the requests are for extreme circumstances only.

All students in the District currently have a five or six digit ID number.  (If your child doesn’t know what that is, look at the top of the report card or schedule).  Students will use this ID number each time they purchase something in the cafeteria in the following manner:

When the student reaches the register, there is a keypad where they will key in their five or six digit ID number.  The computer screen will display the child’s picture, account balance, and any other pertinent information.  The picture serves as a security measure to prevent students from accidentally charging items to someone else’s account.  From this screen the cashier can sell the student a meal and any extra items.  All payment for items served will be debited directly from the student account.  If a student does not have money on their account and forgot to bring in money, we will allow students to charge two meals.  This privilege will be available for the first four months which should allow everyone ample transition time to get acclimated to the system.  After the first of the year, no students will be allowed to carry a negative balance.

If you do not want your child spending money on extra snacks, please make this clear to the child and indicate this to us in writing that the account money is for MEALS ONLY.

In order for the POS (point of sale) system to operate efficiently and effectively, students should have money in their account prior to purchasing any meals.  Please send money in envelope marked AVI, and have your student turn them into the homeroom teacher or office.

Please make checks payable to AVI FOODSYSTEMS INC. and clearly mark the checks with the student’s full name, grade, and five-digit or six-digit student identification number.  We recommend that you supply your child’s account with enough money to cover meals and snacks for at least two weeks, or you can pay for an entire month or the full semester.  While we do accept cash deposits, we strongly recommend that all deposits be sent in to us by either check or money order.

Account balances at the end of the school year will be carried over to the following school year.   We encourage all students to closely monitor their balances as we get closer to the end of the school year.  Graduating seniors or students leaving the school district with money remaining on account will receive a reimbursement check in the mail as soon as the district can close the account.  Any parent may request an account balance at any time.  This request must be in writing and submitted to the cafeteria manager.

Some things for students to keep in mind:

  • A complete lunch consists of three different components.
  • No $50.00 bills or larger will be accepted at the register unless the money is for deposit into the student account.  Each cashier has limited change in the cash drawer and large bills cannot be handled.
  • A $25.00 service charge will be assessed to any check returned by the bank.  Following a second NSF check, only cash or money orders will be accepted.

While we do accept cash for sales, we strongly recommend depositing money into the students account.  The more students who have money on account, the faster the lines move and the more time everyone has to eat.

If you have any questions please contact Charlie Brown at  724-977-2305 or via email at

Handbook & School Forms