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Shenango Valley Catholic School System

2120 Shenango Valley Freeway
Hermitage, PA 16148

Phone: (724) 346-5531
Fax: (724) 346-3011

Kennedy Catholic Middle/High School

2120 Shenango Valley Freeway
Hermitage, PA 16148

Phone: (724) 346-5531
Fax: (724) 346-3011

Saint John Paul II Elementary School

2335 Highland Road
Hermitage, PA 16148

Phone: (724) 342-2205
Fax: (724) 704-7397

Faculty & Staff Directory

The administration, faculty, and staff of the Kennedy Catholic Family of Schools reflect the commitment to academic excellence and spiritual enrichment. Each is a highly skilled, qualified, and experienced professional who understands how to motivate students to do their best. To email a member of the administration or faculty, click on their name below.

Administration & Staff

President: Melissa Joseph
Director of Finance & Director of Operations:  Bill Blum
Executive Assistant & Accounts Payable/Receivable:  Cathy Cathcart
Director of Student Life & Athletic Director:  Janet Taylor
Director of Campus Ministry & Action Club:  Sr. Margaret Pellerite, SSJ
Spiritual Director:  Patricia Polesnak
Director of IT/Facilities Director:  John Niemi
Director of IT at SJPII:  Jessica Sorg
Director of Enrollment Management:  Nicole Perry
Director of Student Affairs: Ken Madison
Yearbook Photo Submission:  KCPublications

Administration & Staff

Main Office Administrative Assistant:  Dina Whalen
School Nurse: Linda Mancino Perrico
Director of Guidance:  Allison Zreliak
Director of Student Affairs: Ken Madison


Theology Department: 
Patricia Polesnak
Ian Elliott

English Department: 
Maggie Brown
Gianna Vastano
Beth Cicuto

Science Department:
Gretchen Witkowski
Sam Frush
Melinda Epstein

Math Department:
Jacob Shaffer
Angela Quear
Bob Osthoff

Social Studies / History Department:
Angela Reda
Corrie Cook

Language Department:
Leslie Hite
Bonnie Zachar

Arts, Publications & Music:
Kim Mirizio
Patricia Coates
Anna Marie Mindicino

Johanna Laeng

Administration & Staff:

Principal:  Katie Tiefenthal
Administrative Assistant:  Kim Zachar
School Nurses: Linda Mancino Perrico


Vanessa Kuczynski
Jacque Grasso

Anna Messina
Jennifer Davis

First Grade: 
Leah Roscoe

Second Grade:
Kristina Krusey

Third Grade:
Chelsea Rice

Fourth Grade:
Marla Dalessandro
Rachel Ritz

Fifth Grade:
Matthew Masotto

Sixth Grade:
Elizabeth MGoff

Physical Education:
Johanna Laeng

IT Support:
Jessica Sorg

Instructional Support & Gifted/STEAM:
Martine Kwiat
Megan Shreves 

Arts, Publications & Music:
Patricia Coates