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The Kennedy Experience begins with challenging academics that will prepare students for success in college and life. Our programs encourage students to think critically, to challenge conventional wisdom, to create, to invent and to imagine. Over 90% of our graduates consistently continue their education at universities and colleges. At every level, our classes remain small allowing our teachers to give students the attention they need. Add in the fact that the technology available to our students is constantly improving, and you can see what sets Kennedy Academics apart.


Along with teaching Catholic principles and an appreciation for all the gifts God gives us, the kindergarten curriculum promotes creative thinking and problem solving, builds self-confidence, and enhances socialization skills.

The curriculum utilizes creative play, including games, group activities, and age-appropriate computer programs to increase retention and make learning fun. We also employ differentiated learning strategies that allow each child to progress at his or her own pace.

Our kindergarten program focuses on these areas:

  • Religion and Character Development
  • Language Arts including Reading and Writing
  • Math
  • Science and Social Studies
  • Fine and Gross Motor Skills
  • Social Development
  • Creative Arts

The curriculum also features one other critical component: FUN! We strive to let kids be kids because research shows that snack time, recess, and individual and group activities along with those that are focused on traditional academic subjects substantially enhance the learning experience for kindergarten students.

Saint John Paul II Academics

It’s elementary: the primary grades are a crucial time in every child’s life. From Kindergarten through fifth grade, children acquire lifelong study and behavior patterns, learn how to learn, how to inquire, and how to interact with other children and adults.


Christ is the reason for this school and therefore a strong, supportive environment is present to encourage each student to grow spiritually, academically, socially, physically, and emotionally. Parental support is encouraged at Saint John Paul II School. The school is organized with a program of instruction for grades pre-kindergarten through fifth grade.

In the Preschool program, our main goal is to teach students the ways of God and prepare them for formal instruction in the coming years. There is a three/four-year-old program, and a four/five-year-old program organized on different days of the week. Click here to learn more about our exceptional preschool program.

Kindergarten children must be five years old by September 1st of the incoming school year. Kindergarten classes are self-contained with an emphasis on reading and math readiness and developing socialization skills. Click here to learn more about our exceptional kindergarten program.

Primary Grades
In the Primary program (grades 1–3), classes are self-contained. This arrangement fosters an atmosphere for the teacher to know and challenge each child individually. This arrangement also gives each child the continued security needed to develop his/her full potential.

Intermediate Grades
In fourth and fifth grade, students experience transition from self-contained to departmentalized instruction. These students are leaders in our school, they have responsibilities including flag patrol, morning prayer, and being responsible for a younger student buddy at school events.

Students are assessed in these ways: standardized tests, DIBELS, teacher-made tests, participation, projects, homework, class notebooks, quizzes, and teacher observation.

Kennedy Catholic Middle School Academics

Educational experts agree that a student’s performance in middle school may well determine whether they succeed in high school, college, and life. In 2009, the ACT Board noted that “The level of academic achievement that students attain by eighth grade has a larger impact on their college and career readiness…than anything that happens in high school.”

Kennedy Catholic Middle School is fully accredited through the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools as of April 23, 1996. Christ is the reason for this school and therefore a strong, supportive environment is present to encourage each student to grow spiritually, academically, socially, physically, and emotionally. Parental support is encouraged at Kennedy Catholic Middle School. The school is organized with a program of instruction for grades sixth through eighth grade.

Kennedy Catholic High School Academics

Our compelling course of study, exceptional student/teacher ratio and state-of-the-art technology places our students among the nation’s academic elite, so it is no surprise that more than 90% of our graduates go on to college including leading universities like Harvard, Colgate and Notre Dame.

Our three distinct academic programs, including several Advanced Placement courses offered on-campus and via our partnership with the Jesuit Virtual Learning Academy, keep students at all levels of ability and achievement excited, involved, and engaged. Our programs encourage students to exercise their minds, to think critically, to invent, to create, and to imagine.

Program Levels

  1. Honors & Advanced Placement Courses. These classes are designed for the academically gifted, the high above average, and the very highly motivated student. Admission to honors level and advanced courses are by invitation based on standardized testing, performance, and recommendation of the department. Advanced placement courses have been approved by the National Advanced Placement program and participating students will receive college credit for courses completed. Currently, KCHS juniors and seniors may take advanced placement courses in English, Calculus, Biology and Physics.
  2. College Preparatory Courses. The college preparatory level is for the strong average to above average student. It is designed to challenge the student and to prepare the student well for admission to and success in college. It is a well-rounded “liberal arts” education on the secondary level.
  3. General Academic/Studies Courses. The general academic level is designed for the average and below average student with the goal of providing the student with basic and fundamental knowledge, information, and skills necessary to pursue a career, technical or trade education, or further education on a junior college level.