A Message from Mrs. Cathy Puleo, Acting SJPII Principal

Apr 21, 2020 | COVID-19, KCFS News

Dear SJPII Families,

We have almost finished 5 weeks of remote learning. Thank for your patience, comments and
beautiful photos of your children. We have laughed and cried, but enjoyed every minute of it.
We will follow our calendar from the beginning of the year:

Calendar days of learning:
 T-F April 14-17,
 M-T April 20-23
 M-F April 25-May 1

Weekly you have been receiving ideas for Music, Art, Health, Physical Education and
Enrichment activities. These are supplemental suggestions for your child. The focus should
always be Language Arts, Math and Religion.

Your child’s teacher will continue to communicate with you about what is needed to be handed
in for assessment.