A message from Mr. Iacino

Jul 25, 2022 | Featured Article, KCFS News, President's Office

Dear Kennedy Family

I am thrilled to announce that through the efforts and generosity of many, we have exceeded Bishop
Persico’s challenge of raising $400,000.00 by month’s end.

Additionally, I have done a complete review and reorganization of the budget for 2022-2023 and
identified a number of changes that will result in significant savings without the need to reduce any
program or activity. The School Board has approved my recommendations and they have been
supportive and heavily involved in the fund-raising activities.

The response the last couple of weeks has been quite incredible. The level of commitment and the
willingness of many to help in various ways is one of the many things I remember most fondly of my
previous years here, and happily it is still alive and strong.

Our current and past families understand the importance of the work we do. We are here to serve
those who continue to seek quality educational opportunities in a Catholic environment.
While there is work yet to do, including Bishops Persico’s challenge to raise the remaining $400,000.00
by year’s end, I am confident that whatever needs to be accomplished will be accomplished.

We will be opening on August 30th as planned.

Stay Kennedy Catholic Strong


Peter Iacino ‘69
Interim Chief Executive